Physical Benefits

“Both physically and mentally, golf is a wonderful sport for men and women and it definitely promotes health. It’s exercise, and exercise equals longevity.”

Dr. Larry Goldenberg – Vancouver Urologist and co-founder of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation 

Days on the course can lead to a healthier and happier you. Research shows that when played regularly, golf can add five years to your life. But that’s just one of the many physical benefits that golf can have on your health. More benefits include: 

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Golf can add up to five years to your life.

The combination of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and time spent outdoors lead to golfers living longer than non-golfers. 

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Golf can help prevent over 40 different chronic illnesses.

This includes diabetes, strokes, breast and colon cancer, heart attacks, dementia and depression.

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Playing a round can help you get your daily steps.

Golf is an easy way to get your 10,000 steps in. The average golfer walks 5,000 steps in a 9-hole round. That’s the equivalent of 3-5 kilometres! 

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Golf can be played from 4 to 104 years of age. 

As a more moderately demanding form of physical exercise, you can enjoy the game longer. 

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The average golfer burns 2,000 calories playing 18 holes.

Who needs fad diets when you can simply hit the links to get in shape. 

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72% of golfers consider themselves to be in good health.

That a pretty big number, considering only 51% of the general population say they feel healthy.

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Golf is a highly accessible sport.

Large strides have been made in accessible technology to make golf a more inclusive sport for the differently abled and people of all ages. So, there’s no reason to not join in the fun. 

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Golf can improve your strength and balance.

And that’s not all – it’s also been proven to increase your metabolism and cholesterol levels. 

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Golf Canada Mobile App Features

The Golf Canada Mobile App makes it easier to track the impact of golf activity on your health through the tracking of health statistics.

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